Consultorio familiare

"Di pensiero in pensier".
Scultura di Maria Crespellani, Foto di Luigi Puddu


The ONLUS Family Consulting-Room carries out activities and offers services as foreseen by regional and National laws concerning the set up the consulting-room structure (Law n° 405/1975 and regional Law n° 44/1976). In the long run it defines its work following specific ways, a sort of “in motion identity” connected with its own history, with the understanding of the users’ needs, with the peculiarities of its actions and with the presence of some fundamental figures.

The main subjects of the Consulting-Room work are love, emotions and family relationships. The main goal of the Consulting-Room is therefore to assure integrated psychological, social and health services for individuals and couples, sexual education covering free and acquainted procreation, pregnancy and birth defence, prevention of voluntary pregnancy interruption, the relationship between parents and children and the generation exchange.

The Consulting-Room reception is carried out by a conjugal and family advisor, a social assistant, a midwife and a specialist in either health, psychological or legal areas, who listens carefully to every single situation or problem and to the needs hidden below, informing the users on how the Consulting-Room may help them.

The Consulting-Room operators meet regularly, in team as well as in interdisciplinary groups. They give an answer to the users’ demands, putting in action the social resources offered by the territory they live in, emphasizing their subjectivities and helping them to achieve a higher self understanding and to be aware not only of their troubles but also of their own potentialities.

The Consulting-Room is open to everybody, to both Italians and foreigners, by appointment; a health document is required as well as the payment of the ticket in the cases foreseen by the regional laws.